Andy has played guitar, arranged and performed music professionally for 10+ years with “Andy Mowatt’s Steely Jam”, “8-string 4-tet”, "Tuck Ryan Band" and Palace Theatre (Manchester, NH), toured with the band "herbie" and the Princess Cruises orchestra, and currently plays at American Music Theatre (Lancaster, PA). He graduated from Lebanon Valley College with a Bachelors Degree in Music and Recording Technology.

AMFM: Andy Mowatt's Frequency Movement

1. Come Get Some

2. Can't Get Enough

3. Dark Matter

4. Bring It Back (introduction)

5. When The Circus Goes Home

6. Social Club

7. Highlands

8. Prelude

9. UTZ (part 3)

10. Gloria

11. I Once Had A Dream

12. Inspiration

13. Fusion Blues

14. Somebody's Gonna Pay For This

15. Can't Get Enough (Cole Sipe Remix)


Recorded June 8, 9 and 10, 2018 by Michael Washkevich at The Sugartank Lancaster, PA. Mixed and mastered by Michael Washkevich at MDW Productions Harrisburg, PA. Music written and arranged by Andy Mowatt, except “Dark Matter” (Andy Mowatt & Tuck Ryan).

Andy Mowatt's Steely Jam
"Vol. 1: Rock.Hard.Funk"

The debut studio album from Andy Mowatt's Steely Jam.

Released February 7, 2017

1. Jello Molds
2. Mainline
3. Funkyland
4. UTZ (Part 1) 
5. Not The Only One
6. Move On Up / The Way It Is
7. Black Beardz
8. The Extra Dank
9. Full Blouse
10. Heavy On The Juice
11. UTZ (Part 2) 
12. Blow It
13. I Dreamt We Were Flying [bonus track]

Produced and arranged by Andy Mowatt. 
Recorded, mixed, mastered by Michael Washkevich at MDW Productions Harrisburg, PA. 
Andy Mowatt plays Chubbuck Guitars, Nash Guitars. 
Artwork by Dave Yasenchak. Design by Aaron Trasatt.

Andy Mowatt

"An End To The Means"

"There are no longer means to an end, but only an end to the means". 

Finally, an album that plays itself! The full-length effort will consist of mostly original compositions with a few twists on some modern classics. The featured track is Beyonce's hit "Love on Top", re-arranged for the band "Steely Jam". "An End To The Means" is a damn smooth crunchy awesome tight eclectic inspiring fulfilling artistic unique energizing easy creative and nostalgic experience.

Released October 24, 2014

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Michael Washkevich at MDW Productions, Harrisburg, PA. 
Written, arranged by Andy Mowatt, except "Love On Top" and "Bodhisattva". 
Artwork by Kurt Hershey. 
Chief Executive Officer: Julie McKenzie. 
Executive Producers: Melanie Qureshi, Peggy Mowatt. 
Produced by Ted Mowatt, Maureen Mowatt, John Nikoloff, Amil Qureshi, Scott Hoon. 
Co-Produced by Karol Smith, Dyann Mowatt, Dann Connelly. 


Andy mowatt

"8-string 4-tet"

8 songs, 4 instruments... 
8 cameras, 4 guys... 

Andy Mowatt - 8-string bass/guitar
Aaron Trasatt - rhodes, organ
Max Swan - alto sax, EWI
Taylor Wade - drums

Released October 23, 2014

Recorded live by Mike Newman at SugarTank Studios, Lancaster PA on May 4, 2014. 
Music by Andy Mowatt, expect "In My Life" by Lennon-McCartney. 
Video by TriTonix Recording; Daniel McGonigal, Karl McWherter. 
Artwork by Aaron Trasatt. 

Andy Mowatt

"It's Beginning To Sound A Lot Like Christmas"

Released November 4, 2012

Shortly after calling Lancaster home, Andy began “cutting his teeth” on writing new musical arrangements; from jazz to latin to country to funk to R&B. Surrounded by many of his local musical idols, Andy gathered a band for a single-day live tracking session in fall 2012 at Progressive Studios in Elizabethtown to “read down” some ideas. 10 Christmas songs in 8 hours in 1 room. Each song a different genre; each one an experiment in writing and performing a new or unfamiliar style of music. The veteran musicians bring the music to life, capturing the spirit of Christmas and a variety of musical idioms seamlessly from track to track. “It’s Beginning To Sound A Lot Like Christmas” swings, jives, grooves, eases, rocks and burns through classic Christmas tunes with Mowatt’s unique spin. 

Recorded live by Mike Dinse at Progressive Studios, Elizabethtown PA, September 9, 2012. 

Andy Mowatt - guitar/arrangements
Gabe Staznik - drums
Mike Wittrien - bass
Andy Roberts - keys
John Brye - trumpets
Brandon Hollinger - tenor sax
Michael Lambertson - fiddle
John Lemke - trombone
Dave Yinger - alto sax

Andy Mowatt


Debut album of originals

Released September 30, 2011

features: Andy Mowatt (guitar, keys), Ffej Herb (drums), Mike Wittrien (bass), Andy Roberts (keys), Zach Blessing (vocals). 

Recorded by Mike Dinse at Progressive Studios, Elizabethtown PA. CD cover artwork by Mark DeRose.