# Come get some

As time marches on and the internal creative demand to share original music grows, I found myself surrounded with a large group of uber talented and willing musicians who I look up to and am inspired by. Come 2014, "Steely Jam" had many shows under our belt and an original album, "Rock.Hard.Funk: Vol. 1", thanks in part by the generous help of a local music venue, Tellus 360 here in Lancaster PA. They gave us a monthly residency to explore the music of Steely Dan and create our own sound on a regular basis. The Dan tunes rather quickly were being pushed off the setlist for our growing original repertoire. The crowd responded well to the originals, but as we toured from VT to NC and back over the years, the band has encountered some difficulty shaking the stigma and expectation of "the Dan". Understandably so, the band is ready for a revamp and rebrand!

AMFM: Andy Mowatt's Frequency Movement


Born of the retro sounds and arrangements of Steely Dan, and matured by tour life and the excitement of our original material, the movement continues with the birth of the "Frequency Movement". 


Imagine the nostalgic bands of your past making music that is fresh again. Modern songs built from your memories. This is the frequency movement. Musicians capturing the amalgamation of retro sounds in the current hip climate of today’s music; moving yesterday’s sound into “the now”.   


The live show frequently moves from 5 to 10 musicians, each bringing a spin on original songs that seem immediately familiar. The movement hints at your memories, yet feels fresh. The musicians are virtuosic and enjoyable to watch interact with each other and the environment. 

#Can’t Get Enough

The record features 30+ live musicians over 3 days in Lancaster PA. The cast is world-class. The arrangements are emotive, dark, tense, fun and at times uplifting - as in the final resolution of “Social Club” where the 3-minute battle of tension and war concludes with a sense of light overcoming darkness. 


Jam Fam Entertainment LLC is a non-exclusive booking, promotion, recording and logistics management company we started this year to support the Lancaster music scene and the production of content. This studio project will be the first release under the brand or label. Over the years, I've made friends and contacts with creative collaborators locally and on our travels as a band. The idea is to gradually expand the company to represent more local talent and bring the content to more places on the east coast. More shows, more content, more music. The water will rise and all our ships will rise with it!

Beyond the technical challenges of recording live audio and video, getting 25+ musicians and engineers together to capture the music is a big task. And it costs a lot of time, money and energy all sides. Riasing the money to afford the best engineers, producers, musicians and crew is an important concern. Everyone is a professional and needs to be compensated for their efforts with more than just the satisfaction of an epic product. Everyone is on the same page to prepare the session and the music. The fun of it all is that after everyone is in place, the result is beyond any one person's control. While that's the most exciting part as well; the music that comes out will be unique and unforgettable and therefore must be documented no matter the outcome!

The "Jam Fam" is eager and ready to undertake the biggest music project to date!