AMFM: Andy Mowatt's Frequency movement

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World Soul Movement

Imagine the nostalgic bands of your past making music that is fresh again. Modern songs built from your memories. This is the frequency movement. Musicians capturing the amalgamation of retro sounds in the current hip climate of today’s music; moving yesterday’s sound into “the now”. 

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The live show frequently moves from 5 to 10 musicians, each bringing a spin on original songs that seem immediately familiar. The movement hints at your memories, yet feels fresh. The musicians are virtuosic and enjoyable to watch interact with each other and the environment. 

The record features 30+ live musicians over 3 days in Lancaster PA. The cast is world-class. The arrangements are emotive, dark, tense, fun and at times uplifting - as in the final resolution of “Social Club” where the 3-minute battle of tension and war concludes with a sense of light overcoming darkness. 

"Consistently stellar" (Price, PA Musician Mag), AMFM is a funk-driven movement from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, led by guitarist Andy Mowatt, "an absolute musical genius" (Devoy, Tellus 360) and "jazz-rock flamethrower on guitar" (Gigspots). “Incredible musicians; “they mastered meshing together jazz, jam, rock, funk, soul and blues”…Mowatt's "bright arrangements keep things sounding fresh" (Kelley, PA Musician), "and yet, through many influences, each tune retains a sound that is distinctly Mowatt's" (Fly Magazine). "Confident, to-the-point, and elegant" (Rocha, The Flinging Times).



Lancaster PA


Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast


Andy Mowatt