AMFM 2019-02-24 @ Zoetropolis (Lancaster, PA)

AMFM 2019-02-24.jpeg
AMFM 2019-02-24.jpeg

AMFM 2019-02-24 @ Zoetropolis (Lancaster, PA)


AMFM: Andy Mowatt’s Frequency Movement


Lancaster Roots & Blues Festival @ Zoetropolis

Lancaster, PA

SBD > Logic (mix/master) > wav (download is a zip file of mp3)

Social Club >

When You Get Back (John Cleary)

Midnight Rider (ABB) >

Something About You

Ain’t It Funky (James Brown)* >

Over Now*


Dark Matter*

Jooth Smazz >

Lettsanity (Lettuce)

UTZ 2 >

The Fez (Steely Dan) >

Jello Molds / Feelin Alright **

Come Get Some

Can’t Get Enough

E: Full Blouse


Andy Mowatt - guitar, bgvs

Tuck Ryan - wurly, vocals

Taylor Wade - drums

Paul Berry - tenor sax

Josh Mulberry - bass

Nate Young - organ, synth

* w/ Matt Hostetter on guitar

** w/ Corty Byron on vocals

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